I’ve compiled a list of fun factoids to help Doctor Who roleplayers with descriptions and character ideas.

  • Timelords are deadly allergic to Aspirin but chocolate can quickly cure their symptoms
  • When on the brink of death, they can put themselves in a coma to preserve their life
  • They reproduce 1 of 2 ways: through a technology called “Looms” and it has been said they are able to reproduce sexually with other humanoid species.
  • Grass on Gallifrey can be purple, dark green or red and also stalked.
  • Gallifreyans/Time Lords are known to consume pill shaped food on solid strips, called Promarzzi bars. The pills are color coded according to what type of food it is: Red pills are meat, yellow pills are fruit, green pills are vegetables and blue pills are water (freeze-dried water), that becomes fluid again when placed in the mouth. Pills with two colors on them are a mixture.
  • . Sometimes, for a quick breakfast, a Time Lord or Gallifreyan will eat a honey sandwich (which is basically bread toast with honey flattening them together).   
  • Sweeties, any sweeties, are popular on Gallifrey.  
  • Everyday civilian clothing (if you are living on Gallifrey) and accessories consists the following (colors depend on which Gallifreyan House the Time Lord belongs to): A long sleeve cargo shirt, cargo pants, a sleeveless zip-up jacket, close toed sandals, shimmering beads and woven hair braids in hair (females only), dangling earrings (females and occasionally males, usually on one ear only) and occasionally a narrow band around the head or a fisherman-style hat (females and males).     
  • There is no paper money or coinage used in the Gallifreyan economy. Occasionally however, they will use small, golf ball-sized crystal spheres called ‘Gallios’ to replace a trade item that the trader may not have or can’t trade for.
  • The Modern Gallifreyan  Language comes in three different dialects:

    Upper dialect (spoken by high councilors/lawmakers/royalty/president/etc.)

    Middle dialect (spoken by the nobility and the aristocratic families/the Doctor’s speaking dialect)

    Lower dialect (spoken by the goods traders/civilians/workers).  
  • There is no such thing as marriage on Gallifrey (between two Time Lords that is. But in the case of a Time Lord and an alien, marriage does occur). A male Time Lord is known to have more then one female Time Lord. A single Time Lord is also known to have a harem of females with up to 7 females in it. The normal number of mates is 5.
  • Each family has a Family House belonging to a Primary House of Gallifrey. A single Primary House can have up to 500 Family Houses (and families) under its name. The Doctor’s Family House, House Nathalunlandroshia, belongs to Primary House Lungbarrow (a Prydonian House).
  • Time Lords/Gallifreyans are semi-hermaphrodite and are known to take turns bonking one another. Though both sexes are distinct (meaning males are males and females are females), both sexes are able to conceive and give birth.
  • Gallifreyan brains are green.
  • A Time Lord/Gallifreyan has a basic humanoid form but has four kidneys, 1 liver, 1 length of intestine, two stomachs, two hearts, a primary and secondary pair of lungs (secondary lungs sit under the primary lungs and are a quarter the size of the primary lungs), a cardiovascular bypass system, a respiratory bypass system, extra rib bones (to keep the smaller secondary lungs inside the rib cage) and highly complex eyes which functions include night vision, range deception and the ability to see beyond and outside the visual light spectrum. 
  • Gallifreyan Playing Cards are round and have the following suits: Flames, Owls, Clouds, Souls, Deeps, Mesmers, and Dominoes. Face cards include the Hand, the Duke, and the Rogue
  • Many Time Lords use titles instead of their birth names, since they are known to be really long.

Want to know anything specific? Send me an ask, and I will do my best to answer your questions!

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